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  1. Do you have EnerChi?

    Do you have EnerChi?

    Do you find yourself feeling sluggish these days? Are you finding that your third cup of coffee is still not enough to cut through that brain fog? You might be in need of a good old fashioned detox!

    Every day, our bodies consume trace amounts of toxins, whether we realize it or not. It’s only when the symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and nausea present themselves that we finally catch on.

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  2. Vira-Defense and Covid

    Fears about COVID-19 can take an emotional toll, but you’re not powerless. Vira-Defense can help you get through these stressful times.

    Below is a testimonial from the owner of Starflower, Cherylyn...

    In early 2020 I came down with a powerful virus. I am not certain that it was the corona-virus but I knew it was enough to put my body into overdrive trying to fight it. I began taking large doses of Vitamin C along with Vira Defense. In 24 hours I knew I had overcome the worst of it and I was able to function normally, however, I still had to rid my body of the residual damage and fatigue it had left. It took two weeks for the virus to leave my lymph glands and for me and my lymph system to return to normal.

    Here are the daily doses I took as soon as I knew I was feeling ill...

    • Vira Defense -2 droppers every 3 hours for 24

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  3. The Beauty of Coconut Oil & Cold Centrifuge Extraction

    I can’t think of a more versatile ingredient than the mighty coconut. It is a wondrous fruit (technically called a “drupe”) that provides us so many benefits for our health and beauty needs. Bad breath, underarm B.O., dry hair—coconut oil supposedly cures it all—and Starflower Essential’s high quality, certified organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can be one of the most effective natural moisturizers and therapeutic skin treatments!

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  4. Facial Oils for Flawless Skin

    Using oils can set you on the path to a gorgeous complexion and work wonders on any number of skincare woes to transform skin from dull to dazzling! Keep reading to see why Starflower’s must-try facial oils should be in your beauty routine — and which ones would work best for you.

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  5. Small Molecules, Big Results!

    The small molecular ingredients in our formulas work together synergistically to provide a result that is more potent and long-lasting for the skin than any of its individual parts. Starflower Essentials’ healthy, effective ingredients are food grade with minimal processing, which means that the small molecule size of the active ingredients we use creates a big impact on the effectiveness of our skincare products. In this article, we touch on how the skin absorbs skincare products, why our small molecular-sized ingredients make Starflower Essentials special in the skincare industry, and tips to improve the absorption of our skincare products.
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  6. It's Fungi Day, the Perfect Time to Learn About Starflower's Favorite Medicinal Mushrooms

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  7. Illuminate Your Skin With The New Amino Bright Face Mask

    Read more about this brand new product to learn how you can achieve youthful skin with a natural glow, all while nourishing and healing your skin!

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  8. Starflower has you covered Inside and Out with Topical and Internal Super Foods!

    Starflower has you covered Inside and Out with Topical and Internal Super Foods!
    Take a look at two of our best selling products SkinDance and Enerchi, let’s explore the essential fatty acids these products have that will transform your skin and health.
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  9. Skin Care Essentials for Men

    Skin Care Essentials for Men

    Proper skin care is just as important for men as it is for women. Whether you’re a man looking to naturally improve your skin or looking for the best skin care products to gift Dad for Father’s Day, you’ve come to the right place!

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  10. Five Essentials for Acne-Free Skin

    Five Essentials for Acne-Free Skin

    Spring is a time to renew and restore our bodies, giving our skin a fresh start. Starflower’s Five Essentials to Organic Beauty apply to all skin types including oily and acneic skin. The Five Essentials are the essential steps for effective skin care: daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, along with a twice weekly steam and mask. In this article, you'll learn what Starflower Essentials skin care products are best recommended specifically for acne along with additional tips and hints for healing acneic skin naturally!

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