Five Essentials for Acne-Free Skin

Cherylyn Van Kirk, Starflower’s founder and Master Formulator, recommends the following products specifically for acne:

To cleanse and exfoliate inflamed skin, use Lavender Creme Cleanser and Chamomile Exfoliant. For acne scarred skin, use Grapefruit Cleanser with the ChamoMillet Exfoliant.  Our Creme Cleansers are chemical-free and contain synergized blends of organic herbal ingredients to decongest, detoxify, re-mineralize, tone and soothe the skin while maintaining the skins natural pH. Our exfoliants gently exfoliate but are designed to deeply clean while nourishing the skin. They can also be left on the skin as a mask in order to fully absorb all of the fresh, raw milk from the almond and millet meals as well as the essential oils. 

Follow with the next essential, which is steam. Starflower's Herbal Steam penetrates all layers of the skin to greatly decongest, purify and revitalize the skin, while delivering fresh vitamins and minerals from the herbs to replenish and tone. The steam prepares the skin for maximum absorption of following products. 

Toning is the third essential step. Royal Vera Toner is full of nutrients from organic herbal extracts, aloe vera, witch hazel, colloidal silver and gold, organic essential oils, and royal jelly to make an aromatic, antiseptic, and antibacterial toner that aids in the healing of inflamed conditions such as acne. This toner will hydrate, protect collagen, and tone the skin while it strengthens connective tissue and increases elasticity of the pores while promoting deep tissue regeneration. 

Following a twice weekly steam with Herbal Essential Steam, Clary Sea Face Mask is suggested for detoxifying severe congestion such as cystic acne with open pustules. It is highly mineralized with food-grade mineral clay, active blue-green algae spirulina, and arctic sea kelp. Herban Cool Enzyme Peel is suggested for less severe cases of acne. It is ideal for hot, inflamed skin and acne scarring (but not broken skin that is exuding fluid). Herban Cool contains peppermint which is both soothing and cooling to the skin, in addition to 17 powerful herbal anti-oxidants, such as organic barley grass and wheatgrass juices, rosemary, papaya, bee pollen, and more.

The final step is to moisturize with Acne Clear, a soothing special treatment serum full of active ingredients designed to effectively reduce and clear any stage of acne, including acne lesions and pustules. Acne Clear can be alternated morning and night with Moringa Oil. Moringa Oil, from the superfood Moringa plant, has a naturally high vitamin A and restores resiliency to the skin while promoting cellular health and elasticity. With its high oleic acid content, this oil effectively penetrates and carries all of Moringa's rich nutrients into your skins cells.

The root causes of acne can vary from person to person. Acne is most often linked to hormonal or digestive imbalances. Luckily, most internal causes can be controlled with lifestyle and dietary adjustments. In addition to our Five Essentials to Acne-Free Skin, treat your acne from the inside out by identifying and reducing the internal causes.

Spring is a time to pamper and renew yourself and your skin. Enjoy the process!