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  1. Discover the Multi-Miracle Benefits of Calendula


    This bright orange beauty serves as the birth flower for those born in October. That's why this month we've decided to put the spotlight on calendula. When it comes to plant-based skincare ingredients, this one truly reigns supreme. This incredible flower packs some serious botanical benefits that can address almost every skincare concern and improve the overall appearance of your complexion with each use. The calendula plant's powerful healing abilities have been recognized for centuries, both internally and topically, to heal wounds, burns, rashes, and more...

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  2. What It Means To Be a Conscious Skincare Company


    A lot of skincare companies will advertise their products as all natural, but here at Starflower Essentials our skincare is so much more than natural. From using organic, food-grade ingredients to the small, handcrafted batches made with utmost freshness, we provide you with truly holistic skincare products that are synonymous with truth, beauty, and wellness.

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  3. September: Skin Care Awareness Month


    National Skin Care Awareness Month is always celebrated during the month of September. Even though spreading skin care knowledge is something we strive to do on a regular basis, we spend this month really reflecting and learning the best ways to take the best care of your skin, re-evaluating skin care needs, and making others aware of the overall importance of skin care. This is a great month for all skin care enthusiasts to spend some extra energy on sharing ideas and skills to help improve the lifestyle of others by example and education. Because let’s admit, we all act nicer when our skin looks good! 

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  4. Cleanse to Re-member Retreat in Florida

    Remembering your story with the Cleanse to Re-member Retreat. Cleanse your physical and emotional body. Learn to uncover the source of your own strength. Experience an antidote to the isolation we all feel. By listening to one another we discover the mysteries of self. Know yourself better and where you're headed.
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  5. Starflower has you covered Inside and Out with Topical and Internal Super Foods!

    Starflower has you covered Inside and Out with Topical and Internal Super Foods!
    Take a look at two of our best selling products SkinDance and Enerchi, let’s explore the essential fatty acids these products have that will transform your skin and health.
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  6. Biodynamic Compost at the Starflower Retreat

    Biodynamic Compost at the Starflower Retreat

    The Starflower Retreat is located in Sarasota, Florida. Our good friend Rand Carter is a knowledgeable biodynamic grower and composter who is experienced in the art of composting. In October of 2018, he built our 5 foot by 8 foot, 48 inch tall compost pile. We documented Rand on video describing his process while educating us with an abundance of valuable information as he builds the compost pile. You can see the video down below at the end of this blog post.

    What is biodynamics? Biodynamic gardening has been around for nearly a hundred years. This gardening method was invented by scientist-philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who believed that there is more to the health and vitality of a garden than simply the chemical and physical processes we can observe. Dynamic forces involved include metaphysical, etheric, and astral influences. Lunar and astrological cycles also play a key role in the timing of biodynamic practices. It is recognized that subtle celestial forces affect plant

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  7. About the Founder: Cherylyn VanKirk

    "Making herbal formulas for the skin became a hobby of mine, and I loved wildcrafting and growing herbs in the garden and making tinctures and extracts for my family's medicine cabinet. Those were early beginnings, but as all great loves do when nurtured, mine grew into what I soon realized would be my life's work and study. In 1994, Starflower became commercially available in the Southwestern U.S. with over 30 face, body and bath products. Today, Starflower provides over 100 skin nutrient products, including professional spa treatments, nationally and worldwide." - Cherylyn
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  8. Supporting Small Farms

    Starflower Essentials realizes the importance of supporting small farms. This ensures utmost freshness due to less time in transit, it helps build and strengthen communities and building relationships, and it is good for the environment because the land is well kept with minimal, if any, usage of chemicals and fertilizers. These practices can sequester carbon, and they can also help ensure proper natural habitats for wildlife. Even though these farms are considered small, they make a BIG impact.
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