The Starflower Retreat provides a beautiful and nurturing setting for cleansing the body as we re-member and digest events in our lives. As we release toxins and un-needed baggage, physically it is a natural segue to reflect on life and purify the emotional body. By letting go of old patterns, we discover new realities that are available to us.



Biography work is a term that embraces an experiential approach to understanding human development. It's a practice in reading into our life stories, coupled with the opportunity to listen to the journeys of others. Through fairy tales, biography exercises, artistic activities, and nature observation we will go on a learning journey and discover the wisdom inherent in our life writing, our bio...graphy.

We will learn about the life phases and how they relate to body, soul and spirit. When we map our biographies across these phases through themes such as: places we have lived, people who have influenced us, illnesses, the role food has played in our lives, the work we have chosen and the talents we've developed often from our challenges; we discover that there's more to our story than we think.

The Triptychon is another powerful instrument in the world of biographical coaching. It's a special way of making contact with your life, a life-event, or with important moments. You will learn to make use of three simple self-made drawings and question the pictures in a biographical way. The Triptychon and Life Phases are tools to use for self-development alone or with friends and family.

Who benefits from this work? Parents, teachers, therapists, writers, professionals working in recovery or anyone who is interested in their own inner development and ancestry. Susan Kurz offers private consultations as well as group workshops and retreats.



Susan West Kurz was the Executive Director of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, Inc. From 1992 until 2006 she oversaw in the United States, the development of Dr. Hauschka from a modest niche product to what is now recognized as the preeminent holistic skincare brand. Susan is the author of Awakening Beauty the Dr. Hauschka Way. Her book sold 50,000 copies internationally and has been translated into four languages. In 2012 she published graphic novel Beecoming Sophie to help school-aged children find ways to help save honeybees. Susan completed a three-year certification program at the Center for Biography and Social Art. She served on the board of the Biodynamic Gardening and Farming Association from 2012-2017. As co-chair of the Outloud Committee at the Jamestown Art Center from 2014-2017. Susan helped initiate events for writers and poets of national and international renown. Since her apprenticeship at the Meadowbrook Herb Garden in Richmond, RI, in 1972 Susan has been involved with a holistic approach to healing, to business, and to bringing Biodynamic principles and Anthroposophy to the public.

"Last year Susan Kurz came to Florida and led a biography workshop for a small group of us here. I experienced firsthand the transformative potential that this work holds. Thus the inspiration to invite Susan to the retreat and combine cleansing and remembering in a peaceful, conducive environment where one encourages the other." - Retreat Host, Cherylyn Van Kirk.