We all know that regular skin cleansing is beneficial, but adding exfoliation to your regimen can improve the results of your routine and help rejuvenate your skin. Exfoliating has the potential to benefit all skin types. By removing dead cells from pores, the pores appear smaller in addition to revealing fresh skin cells. It is important to note that not all exfoliants are created equal! Most of the commercial, cosmetic grade exfoliants contain harsh chemicals and show short term results, but cause long-term damage to your skin. Starflower exfoliants remove dead skin naturally while infusing the skin with beneficial nutrients that naturally occur within the ingredients.

In the 1980s when the founder Cherylyn VanKirk first conceived of these exfoliants, I wanted to provide the freshest, naturally derived product as possible. Starflower's unique Exfoliants offer a healthy, all-natural holistic alternative to chemicals such as alpha hydroxyl acids and are much more effective for long-term use. They come dry and ‘unactivated’ to ensure a fresh, enzyme-rich emulsion when mixed with water. Almond meal in its fresh state provides live enzymes and vitamins to the skin. When you mix a spoonful of exfoliant with water in the palm of your hand, you activate the product to deliver fresh almond milk, herbals and rare, organic essential oils that are readily absorbed into the skin. Starflower Exfoliants are so vital, raw, and fresh that you will see immediate results from the first application! Because these products are made with food-grade ingredients, never let water get into the jar and never take the jar into the shower.

Amazing benefits of exfoliation:

  • Removes dead/dying skin cells
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Breaks down toxins
  • Reduce acne/breakouts
  • Get rid of bacteria
  • Fade dark spots and help pigmentation
  • Draw out congestion
  • Unclog pores
  • Drains lymphatic system
  • Helps other skincare products penetrate better
  • Evens skin tone
  • Increases cell turnover
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis


Using Starflower Essentials Exfoliants

Initially, it is recommended to use once every day or two until the skin is brought into balance. Thereafter, apply when you feel the need for exfoliation. If you live in a heavily-polluted area you will most likely want to use this product every day, morning or evening. When time permits, leave on as a mask until dry to nourish and rejuvenate the skin!

Mix the exfoliant with a few drops of water in the palm of hand until it becomes a milky emulsion. Spread over your face and neck. Press into the skin and massage in circular motions. Remove with warm water and cloth. Repeat application if needed.

Did you know?

Some exfoliating ingredients should not be used on the face. It's a common misconception that ingredients such as sugar. salt, and coffee are great exfoliants for your face, but some research suggests that they might not be all they're cracked up to be. It all depends on your skin type, so be sure to check with your licensed esthetician before using them on your face.

The jagged, angular edges of the exfoliants mentioned above can be too abrasive for the face, leading to tiny micro-tears on the surface of the skin that may lead to inflammation, red marks, and irritation. Instead, use scrubs made from powders or finely ground meals from foods like almonds, coconuts, millet, or cacao for a more gentle exfoliation. Don't get me wrong though, things like sugar, salt, and coffee are excellent for your body! 

Another ingredient you may not want to use on your face is baking soda, contrary to popular belief. While the scrubby texture of baking soda may seem harmless, it is too alkaline for the skin. The skin has a natural pH of 4.5 to 5 and baking soda is 9, which can potentially cause damage, moisture loss, along with compromising your skin's ability to regulate itself. Be careful when considering using other ingredients that might not be around your skin's natural pH level.