The skin around the eyes is the most delicate due to which it shows early signs of aging. It is important to balance the level of moisture by restoring it with a good under eye serum. The eye contour can be particularly susceptible to the appearance of dehydration lines due to the fineness of the skin. The eye area feels dry, can look tired and one of the first signs of aging is puffiness, sagging, and wrinkles around the eyes. Using an eye creme, to target these problems can have a profound impact on further signs of aging and keep the skin around the eyes firmer and smoother. The delicate tissue surrounding your eyes requires special support, night and day. The organic plant oils and extracts in Starflower’s Bright Eyes regenerative eye products literally give your eyes a lift.

Bright Eyes Regenerative Crème

A healing, refreshing crème for nighttime repair and daytime protection assuring a firm and supple appearance around the eyes. Bright Eyes Crème contains organic herbal extracts of eye bright and chamomile, organic aloe vera, royal jelly, organic borage, comfrey, black currant seed oil, and regenerative essential oils such as chamomile, neroli, palma rosa, carrot, and fennel. This delicate formula absorbs so readily into the small pores around the eyes, and because of its toning and firming ingredients, it will help relieve fluid retention under the eyes (puffiness). If you wear foundation or mineral powders around the eyes, Bright Eyes Crème blends well and is a great base for a smooth flawless appearance.

For all skin types, fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, aging skin.


Bright Eyes Regenerative Oil

Bright Eyes Oil blends highly nutritive and absorbent essential fatty acid oils such as borage and black currant seed, calendula and comfrey, with anti-inflammatory essential oils to calm redness, smooth fine wrinkle lines, and give elasticity to the tender, fragile skin around your eyes. If you wear a foundation or mineral powder make-up around your eyes, Bright Eyes Oil will definitely blend your make-up better so that you see less of your pores and more of your beautiful eyes.

For skin lacking in elasticity, inflamed, wrinkled skin. Beneficial to eczema and acne.


USAGE: Daily AM / PM: 


  • Use day and night for all skin types. One pump in the palm of the hand. Apply with fingertips to the eye area, pressing into the skin to delicate eye tissue. One drop for both eyes is enough. Pat into the skin on top and bottom lids.
  • Optional: To soothe tired, red eyes, apply Bright Eyes Petalets to eyes after Bright Eyes Oil has been applied.


Bright Eyes Petalets

Refresh the eyes by placing soaked pads over closed eyelids anytime, day or night. Herbal extracts of chamomile, eyebright, and fennel bring soothing relief to puffy, swollen, red and itchy eyes due to fatigue, allergies, air pollution, computer radiation, and other environmental irritants.
Special Uses: Apply Bright Eyes Regenerative Eye Oil first, before applying the petalets. The petalets open the delicate pores around the eyes allowing the soothing and moisturizing qualities of the essential fatty acids to penetrate.


All Skin Types: For eyes made puffy, swollen, red or itchy from fatigue, allergies, air pollution or computer radiation.



Daily AM / PM: 


  • Push pads down to bring up liquid. One pad per application.
  • Rinse face with warm water. Lightly towel dry.
  • Apply pad to face neck and ears.
  • Cleanse and tone morning, evening or anytime throughout the day.
  • Repeat application as needed.


Special Uses: Apply Bright Eyes Regenerative Eye Crème or Oil first before applying the petalets. The petalets open the delicate pores around the eyes allowing the soothing and moisturizing qualities of the essential fatty acids to penetrate.