Intro/Travel Face Kit - COMBINATION Skin

Intro/Travel Face Kit - COMBINATION Skin

Intro/Travel Acne Clear Kit - 9 products

Intro/Travel Face Kit - ACNE CLEAR

Intro/Travel Face Kit - ROSACEA CLEAR


For all stages of Rosacea, inflamed capillaries


As a gift or introduction to our skin care collection, Starflower Intro Kit is an inexpensive introduction to the finest ingredients offered in any skin care system. They make great gifts and ideal travel companions as they are light and compactly packaged for easy carrying. Each kit contain bottle sizes 1 oz. or under for airplane carry-on.

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For all stages of Rosacea, inflamed capillaries See our Skincare Charts


  • Lavender Creme Cleanser (1 oz.) A synergized blend of organic herbs. Due to its antibacterial, nutritive and soothing properties, Lavender Crème Cleanser is an excellent product choice to soothe the skin. A light yet nutrient-rich cleanser that effectively removes impurities and make-up while maintaining the skin's natural PH layer. Balances skin while effectively removing dirt and make-up. Lavender Creme Cleanser is for normal to combination, sensitive, oily and especially inflamed skin.

  • Chamomile Exfoliant Cleanser & Mask (0.35 oz.)gently exfoliates, deeply cleanses and conditions the skin to a beautiful fresh glow! It contains organic almond flour and chamomile herb and when mixed with water, delivers luster, elasticity and refinement to the pores. Loaded with a rich B Vitamin and mineral complex (fresh and raw) you will see your skin change before your very eyes and with your first application! Also, gentle and emollient as a mask. Exfoliants are a must for beautiful, healthy skin and ours contain no alcohol or preservatives.

  • Rose Gold Nutrient Toner Mist (1 oz.)An aromatic, antiseptic, antibacterial, nutrient rich toner to help hydrate and purify all layers of the skin. Rose Gold Toner is essential to apply before moisturizing as it helps prep the skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients within the moisturizer. Rose Gold Toner contains marshmallow root and organic aloe vera juice which contain biogenic stimulators that heal, regenerate, and tone the skin. Certified organic herbs and essential oils strengthen connective tissue and increase elasticity of the pores promoting deep tissue regeneration. This product contains the rarest medicinal grade, organic Bulgarian rose essential oil. Twice the value of gold, rose holds the highest measured frequency above all other flowers.

  • Rosacea Clear Treatment Serum (1 oz.)effectively reduces and helps clear inflammation that shows up as red, spidery veins within the dermal layer of the cheeks or nose.

  • Restora Night Serum(0.5 oz.)will reduce or eliminate fine lines, moisturize and smoothe skin texture as you sleep. Also, very soothing to conditions of dryness, breakouts, psoriasis, and eczema. Restora transforms your skin while you sleep, restoring the skin's natural mineral mantle. To help your skin's natural process of regeneration, this formula consists of mineral rich organic herbs including horse tail, nettle, dandelion, arctic seaweed, comfrey, calendula, chamomile, red clover and astragalus; organic aloe vera gel, and the finest organic virgin green olive oil. The scent is restful lavender essential oil and is of medicinal quality from France.

  • Skin Dance Face Moisturizer (0.5 oz.)is a Starflower favorite. SkinDance Facial Moisturizer is an essential and vital skin food within the Starflower Organic Skincare System. The naturally high content of essential fatty acids balance and protect it from excessive sun as well as cold. It has a high content of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and provides SPF 8 protection. Synergistic essential oils stimulate balance within the skin's natural functions, especially the oil producing glands. SkinDance has a positive effect on all skin types. It will tone the skin, reducing pore size while increasing elasticity.

  • Rose Gold Lip Creme (.3 oz.)is a highly effective treatment for dry and chapped lips and for wrinkles which form around the mouth. This soothing emollient formula nourishes and smooths while offering superb sun, cold and dry weather protection.

  • Herbal Facial Steam (one herbal sachet) is a highly synergized blend of 17 organic herbs and flowers to deeply cleanse, nourish, tone, and activate the skin's natural functions. Herbal Essential Steam purifies and opens pores in preparation for Starflower's organic facial masks.

  • Clary Sea Face Mask (0.2 oz.) is a highly mineralized, detoxifying mask designed to nourish, regenerate and effectively flush deeply embedded toxins. Our organic face mask is most effective when applied after Herbal Essential Steam, as both these preparations greatly enhance the effectiveness of the other. Clary Sea Face Mask contains blue green algae, arctic seaweed, highly mineralized clay and essential oils.

  • Royal Rose Enzyme Honey Mask (0.2 oz.)A very special tonic for the body-inside and out! Whether you want a rose honey mask for collagen renewal or a taste bud extravaganza at tea time, you'll love Royal Rose Enzyme Mask. It's delicious and nutritious with premium ingredients such as raw, organic honey infused with the world's finest European, medicinal grade Bulgarian rose (highest frequency essential oil) and fresh, raw royal jelly (200 ml. per teaspoon).

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As a gift or introduction to our skin care collection, Starflower Intro Kit is an inexpensive introduction to the finest ingredients offered in any skin care system. They make great gifts and ideal travel companions as they are light and compactly packaged for easy carrying. Each kit contain bottle sizes 1 oz. or under for airplane carry-on.

1 ounce each.

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Lavender Creme Cleanser - Seaweed Extract; Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Oils of High Oleic Safflower and Sesame; Organic Herbal Iinfusions of Burdock, Dandelion, Hops, Plantain Leaf; Organic Bulganan Rose Water; Organic Witch Hazel Water; Proprietary Blend of Medicinal Grade Essential Oils.

Chamomile Exfoliant Cleanser & Mask -Almond meal, Organic Chamomile Powder, Proprietary Blend of Organic Essential Oils including Roman & German chamomile.

Clary Sea Face Mask - Food Grade Mineral Clay; Active Blue GreenAlgae; Arctic Seaweed; Organic Essential Oils of Clary Sage & Lavender.

Rose Gold Nutrient Toner Mist -Certified Pesticide Free Bulgarian Rose Water; Organic Aloe Vera; Distilled Witch Hazel; Organic Herbal Extracts of Calendula, Marshmallow Root, Comfrey, Witch Hazel; Royal Jelly; Vitamin C; Colloidal Gold; Proprietary Blend of Organic Essential Oils including Rose.

Organic Royal Rose Honey Enzyme Mask -*Raw Honey; Fresh, Foodgrade Royal Jelly; *Bulgarian rose essential oil. *Certified Organic, Foodgrade Warning! Royal Jelly is not recommended for use by asthmatic persons!

Rosacea Clear Serum -wellness water; distilled witch- hazel; *herbal synergy including St. John’s wort, burdock rt., licorice, horse chestnut, yarrow, rosemary; *aloe gel, *oils of borage, *evening primrose, *rose hip, *hemp, *jojoba *olive, *essential oils of helichrysum, chamomile, valarian; monatomic minerals; cucumber water; vitamins C &*E; vegetable glycerine, colloidal silver, organic MSM; lecithin; xanthan gum; *grapefruit seed & rosemary extract; copper.

Skin Dance Face Moisturizer - Contains: Oils of: jojoba, apricot, almond, borage, black currant seed, evening primrose, rose hip seed, hemp seed, sea buckthorn, comfrey, squalene; beta-carotene; organic essential oils including ylang ylang, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, carrot seed; vitamin E; rosemary seed extract.

Rose Gold Lip Creme - Organic oils of jojoba, apricot, almond,borage, rose hip seed; beeswax; organic shea butter; organic extracts of calendula, comfrey, marshmallow; organic rare essential oils; olive squalene; beta carotene; vitamin e; rosemary seed extract.

Daily AM/PM: 

  • Step 1 :Lavender Creme Cleanser
  • Step 2 :Chamomile Exfoliant Cleanser & Mask
  • Step 3 :Herbal Facial Steam
  • Step 4 :Clary Sea Face Mask
  • Step 5 :Organic Royal Rose Honey Enzyme Mask
  • Step 6 :Rose Gold Nutrient Toner Mist
  • Step 7 :Rosacea Clear Serum
  • Step 8 :Skin Dance Face Moisturizer
  • Step 9 :Rose Gold Lip Creme