Starflower Essentials - 100 Minute Facial

100 Minute Facial - Script

Welcome to Starflower Essentials where we create and provide healthy, effective skin care and wellness products designed to improve the skin and enhance holistic health, as well as improve the overall lifestyles of our clients.

This script coincides with our 100 Minute Facial Basic Training Video

Let's start with the products you will need on hand before beginning your facial.

Any Starflower Bath Emulsion for foot soak

Rose, Lavender and Grapefruit Crème Cleansers for different skin types

Rose, Lavender, Bright Eyes Petalets

Rose, Chamomile, ChamoMillet Exfoliant Cleansers

Herbal Essential Steam

Herba Sea Face & Body Gel

Any Nutrient Toner Mist

Bright Eyes Regenerative Eye Oil

Rose Gold Lip Crème

Specific Starflower Mask for skin type

Starflower Body Milk

Lemon Bath Emulsion for cold compress

Royal Rose Enzyme Mask for massaging

Any Starflower Body Oil

Royal Rejuve Hydrating Serum

SkinDance Face Moisturizer or any Starflower Moisturizer for specific skin type

Bright Eyes Regenerative Eye Crème

Chamomile Face Powder

Essential Oils for scalp massage such as Lavender, Rosemary, Basil or Rosewood

The facial begins with a warm aroma-therapeutic foot soak for 5 minutes using one of Starflower’s Bath Emulsions. This step is optional but recommended to maximize your client’s relaxing experience.

Turn your steamer on to heat up for when you will need it during the facial.

Apply a very warm herbal compress to the face and neck, pressing the warmth and the liquid into the pores.

Now, with the warm towel, remove any surface debris from the face and décolleté, providing light touch and relaxing towel movements.

Our first cleansing product is Rose Crème Cleanser which will remove surface dirt and makeup.

Starflower offers 3 Crème Cleansers: Rose for dry, mature pores, Lavender for combination and Grapefruit for oily large pores.

We are applying basic technique with a soothing massage to the face, décolleté, shoulders and neck which will stimulate a flow of movement within the functions of the skin.

Rose Crème Cleanser, when applied to the eyes, helps remove any eye makeup.

Begin removing the crème cleanser with a warm towel compress soaked in Herbal Essential Steam.

Next, you will apply Bright Eyes Petalets.

Bright Eyes Petalets are soaked in chamomile and eyebright herbal tinctures, rose water, aloe vera juice and witch hazel for toning. Essential oils will regenerate eye tissue and brighten the area around the eyes.

Cut in half one Bright Eyes Petalet and placed over each eye in half moon shapes.

Begin examining the skin using the magnifying glass to find areas with clogged pores and congestion in the skin.

Next, you will apply a Starflower Exfoliant with steam on.

Scoop a few spoons of exfoliant into the palm of your hand.

Starflower offers 3 exfoliants: Rose Almond for all skin types, Chamomile for sensitive, and ChamoMillet for oily skin, large pores and aged/damaged skin.

Add some water to make a small amount of exfoliant.

Apply the exfoliant to the face, starting at the forehead and moving down to the neck

The water activates fresh, live, enzymatic activity, vitamins and minerals in the almond milk which is being massaged into the pores for deep cleansing while steam is on.

Begin removing the exfoliant with a warm towel compress.

You can apply the previously used Bright Eyes Petalets to remove any remaining grains of exfoliant.

The next product you will need is Herba Sea Face and Body Gel. This is to stimulate and activate flow in the cellular structure of the skin and prepare it for extractions.

Herba Sea Gel greatly softens any congestion or hardened excretions in the pores. It will warm, stimulate and soften so that when the extractions begin it will be very easy for the debris and congestion to be removed.

While the steamer is still on begin applying a very warm compress.

You will need to apply a Bright Eyes Petalet or Rose Petalet to protect the eyes.

Remember to cut the petal in half and place one on each eye.

Now turn off the steamer for the next step which are extractions.

Using a Starflower Toner Mist, apply to the gauze strips to begin the extraction process.

Now remove the rose petalet pads from the eyes, the petalet can be used to remove any remaining debris from the face.

Starflower Petalets are purifying, cleansing and refreshing to the skin.They are available in Rose, Lavender and Bright Eyes Petalets.

Bright Eyes Regenerative Eye Oil contains the finest essential fatty acid oils in the world such as evening primrose, borage and black currant seed to smooth fine lines. This promotes elasticity and relieves inflammatory conditions of mucous membranes around the eyes.


Apply the Bright Eye Oil to the upper and lower eyelids to protect them from excess contraction from the detoxifying mask which will follow.

Rose Gold Lip Crème contains the finest Bulgarian rose which is known for its exceptional scar repair and anti-wrinkle qualities.

Soothing comfrey, rosehip seed oil, and sea buckthorn add to the anti-aging benefits of this crème.

Apply Rose Gold Lip Crème to the lips to protect them from excess contraction from the detoxifying Clary Sea Face Mask.

The next step is the Clary Sea Face Mask. You will need to have pre-mixed this with water in a bowl before you begin the facial.

It is best to apply this mask with a brush.

You can make this mask thinner or thicker by the amount of water used. A thinner mask will dry faster. A thicker mask will provide more activity and pumping of the skin.


Allow the mask to dry for 10 minutes.

While the mask is drying use Lavender Petalets to refresh the arms and hands. Use one petalet per arm.

Lavender Petalets are cleansing, refreshing and revitalizing to the body. It is important to be doing some form of treatment during this time while the mask is drying.

Next, massage the arms and hands using a Starflower Body Milk.

Choose between the Rose Gold Body Milk for harmonizing, Lavender Body Milk for relaxing, or Neroli Body Milk for emotionally uplifting.

Apply the body milk to each arm with a light massage to the shoulders and along the arm to the hand. Massage with an upward direction toward the heart.

Apply a warm wet compress to the mask to rehydrate it, so that it can be easily removed

Begin removing the mask; the face should be pink. This is a sign that the Clary Sea Face Mask was successful, bringing fresh blood to the surface while flushing out congestion.

Mist the face with a Starflower Toner Mist. This will help activate and warm the skin.

Now you will need to pour the Lemon Bath Emulsion into an icy, cold water bath.

2 cold soaked Lemon compress washcloths are pressed onto the face to help cool the skin.

Lemon  Bath Emulsion is very aromatherapeutic and refreshing to the senses.

Turn the steamer on. You can now apply the Royal Rose Enzyme Mask to a moistened face.

Start massaging the face keeping your fingers wet to reduce excess friction and stickiness.

Turn the steam off and keep massaging the face.

Begin to massage the face using a tapotement technique driving the honey and the royal jelly into the areas where there are more wrinkles… a pressing and releasing technique.

As the mask begins to dry it should feel sticky and viscous to the fingertips.

These kinds of massage techniques help open up pores and smooths wrinkles so that this product can fully penetrate into the skin. This is very stimulating to the skin.

Rinse your hands of the honey mask.

At this stage, you will want to begin using one of the Starflower Body Oils to massage the décolleté, shoulders, and back.

Starflower Body Oils come in 5 aroma-scents of Rose for harmonizing, Chamomile for anxiety, Lavender for relaxing, Rosemary for stimulating and In’joy for emotionally warming.

Apply a warm compress to the honey mask and another compress to the décolleté.

After removing the warm compress you can see the glow of the skin. It is much more stimulated and plumped at this stage.

Mist the face with a Starflower Toner Mist.

Apply  Royal Rejuve Hydrating Serum to the face.

This hydrating serum contains fresh royal jelly in a base of herbal extracts and raw honey with rare essential oils including the finest Bulgarian rose.

Next, you will need the SkinDance Face Moisturizer.


This moisturizer includes a combination of the finest organic, food grade oils in the world.

SkinDance will remove fine lines and wrinkles over time with its high content of essential fatty acid oils.

Begin applying SkinDance by pressing into the face, driving the oils into the pores.

Bright Eyes Rejuvenating Eye Crème is designed to move fluid from under the eyes, help with dark circles, rejuvenate and moisturize the upper eyelids and the delicate skin below the eyes.

The small molecule size of the oils of chamomile, borage, and black currant seed are excellent for the eye area.

The skin around the eyes have a smaller pore size and need smaller molecule oils and herbs to properly penetrate and rejuvenate the area.

Rose Gold Lip Crème is highly rejuvenating and anti-aging with ingredient superfoods such as sea buckthorn extract, borage oil and comfrey. (do not change tempo of music. We are ending the facial)

Next, apply Chamomile Face Powder which is all plant based. The powder will help absorb any excess oil, matte the skin and cover any discoloration.

Chamomile Face Powder will not clog pores as there is no mineral powder in this formula. It consists of arrowroot, orris root powders with herbs and essential oils.

After the facial, a scalp massage is recommended. Essential Oils of Lavender,Rosemary, Basil or Rosewood are excellent scalp tonics and can be massaged directly into the scalp.

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