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Seven Trees Bath Sanctuary

Seven Trees Bath Sanctuary - a refreshing organic gift basket.
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Starflower's Seven Trees Bath Sanctuary Bath Kit contains: 2oz. Seven Trees Bath Emulsion and 2oz.Seven Trees Body Oil- a particularly refreshing blend of pine, fir, spruce, eucalyptus, birch, cedar and cypress to uplift the spirit, promote deep breathing and bring relaxation to the body. 4oz Goatsmilk Cleansing Bar- an unscented organic soap. Goatsmilk Cleansing Bar is gentle enough for all skin types and is a customer favorite for infant skincare. Agave Exfoliating Wash Cloth- an excellent organic body exfoliator, this "magical" cloth swells up and softens when placed in water. People who use it in the bath or shower comment on it's effectiveness without it being abrasive on the skin. These cloths never accumulate soap scum, are mildew resistant and make great companions for our gourmet cleansing bars. Fibers come from the Maguey tree and are hand woven by indigenous Indians in Mexico. Bees Wax Candle Reusable Wire Basket
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