Chamomile Baby Basket

Chamomile Baby Basket

Lavender Bath Sanctuary

French Lavender Bath Sanctuary

In'Joy Valentine Gift Basket

Celebrate Valentines Day with our In'Joy Valentines Gift Basket.
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A perfect gift for Valentines Day or any other day that you want to bring warmth and love. Starflower's Organic In'Joy Valentine Gift Basket contains: 2oz In'Joy Body Oil- aromatic and emotionally warming, In'Joy Organic Body Oil promotes confidence, relaxes the body and invites the spirit out from melancholy. 4oz In'Joy Bath Emulsion- a relaxing, heart opening experience. In'Joy Bath Emulsion is a conjugal synergy of rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, sweet orange, palmarosa and ambrette, which encourages joy, intimacy and playfulness. Gourmet Cacao Mint Cleansing Bar, Raw Chocolate Exfoliant Mask sample and Beeswax Candle.

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