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In'Joy Valentine Gift Basket

In'Joy Romance Gift Crate

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Starflower Gift Crates bring together our finest organic, food-grade bath products in several scent collections that are sure to delight you and your loved ones.
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Seven Trees Bath Sanctuary
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In'Joy Romance Gift Crate is a gathering of our most romantic and sensual products. Contains: 2 oz. In'Joy Body Oil- aromatic and emotionally warming, In'Joy Organic Body Oil promotes confidence, relaxes the body, and invites the spirit out from melancholy. 4 oz. In'Joy Bath Emulsion- a relaxing, heart-opening experience. In'Joy Bath Emulsion is a conjugal synergy of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sweet orange, palmarosa, and ambrette, which encourages joy, intimacy, and playfulness. Gourmet Cacao Mint Cleansing Bar, Raw Chocolate Exfoliant Mask sample and Goddess Sitting Beeswax Candle .

Lavender Bath Sanctuary will soothe, relax, and calm the senses. Contains: 4 oz. Lavender Bath Emulsion- perfect for a late afternoon or even bath and massage, lavender has a calming, relaxing effect on the body and nervous system and promotes peaceful sleep. It is both a tonic and a sedative and is ideal for high blood pressure. 4 oz. Lavender Almond Cleansing Bar- Lavender and bitter almond essential oils combine to create a synergy that will soothe and relax you from the cares of the day. Agave Exfoliating Wash Cloth- an excellent organic body exfoliator. Bees Wax Candle and a wooden crate.

Seven Trees Bath Sanctuary is an invigorating collection that is perfect for deep breathing, achy joints, pain, or lung problems. Contains: 4 oz. Seven Trees Bath Emulsion- a particularly refreshing blend of pine, fir, spruce, eucalyptus, birch, cedar, and cypress to uplift the spirit, promote deep breathing, and bring relaxation to the body. 4 oz. Goatsmilk Cleansing Bar- an unscented organic soap, gentle enough for all skin types and is a customer favorite for infant skincare. Agave Exfoliating Wash Cloth- an excellent organic body exfoliator. Bees Wax candle and a wooden crate.

Chamomile Baby Crate is the ideal custom bath basket for a baby shower or newborn. Contains: 2 oz. Chamomile Baby Oil- a delightful and soothing oil made with 100% pure organic ingredients to calm and lift the spirits. 2 oz. Chamomile Baby Powder- a highly absorbent baby powder that will absorb excess moisture, relieve irritated skin, deodorize and help keep babies sensitive skin dry. 4 oz. Organic Goatsmilk Cleansing Bar- unscented organic soap that is free of harsh chemicals and preservatives, gentle enough for an infant's irritable skin. Also includes a Beeswax Teddy Bear Candle with a wooden crate.
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