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Why Organic Ingredients?

Did you know that there is a profound difference between Organic, Biodynamic, food-grade ingredients and cosmetic-grade cosmeceuticals?

Organically grown plants and oils, processed for food consumption, are holistic by nature, and their minimal processing allows their substance integrity (literally, "the heart of the matter") to remain intact and vital. These substances better nourish and absorb into the skin than cosmetic-grade ingredients because their molecular structure has not been disturbed and hardened through high-temperature refining, bleaching, decolorization, standardization and other processes.

Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic and spiritually alive system of organic and ecological practices and philosophies based on the teachings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. One of the core beliefs and practices of biodynamics is to help heal the Earth. Creating and maintaining fertile soil without the use of toxic chemicals is fundamental to all biodynamic and organic farms and gardens. It is in the spiritual realm that biodynamics goes beyond standard organic agricultural practices. One of biodynamics core beliefs is to help heal the earth by using specially made preparations that are applied to the soil, leaves and compost pile following the natural rhythms of the day, the seasons, and the moon and planets.

All Starflower Essentials Organic Skin Care products are natural, but they are so much more than natural. They are food grade, holistic skin nutrition products. "Food grade" is the classification given to products that can literally be eaten safely. Most cosmetics are "cosmetic grade". Of course, we don't recommend that you eat Starflower personal care products, but just a moment's contemplation will bring home an obvious thought: isn't it better to use products on your living, breathing skin that you could eat, rather than products that would harm your digestive system if you ate them? Your skin is alive; it needs natural cleaning, conditioning, repair and maintenance.Many cosmetic-grade ingredients do undergo these vitality-stripping processes. This kind of processing results in a devitalized substance that is not optimal for the skin. Instead, the substances are less expensive and have longer shelf lives -- essential features when mass-market saturation is the driving force behind their manufacture.

Starflower Essentials assures skin vitality and natural beauty. At the heart of Starflower's preparations are rare extracts of organically grown or wild-crafted medicinal plants, food-grade plant oils and waxes, flower waters, aloe vera, rare essential oils and a myriad of other special ingredients. Our formulas are produced in small, frequent batches to deliver potency* and freshness to you, the conscious consumer, whose skin knows and shows the difference! Remember, the most vital skin care in the world is food grade.

While all of our products are 100% natural, we cannot say that they are 100% organic because not every supplier of our natural ingredients has been certified Organic. Becoming certified Organic is a long and expensive process and in some cases our suppliers are not yet able to pay all of the associated fees, even though they are practicing sustainable agriculture. We are working closely with our suppliers to help them all achieve certification so we can someday be 100% Organic, and we only purchase ingredients from suppliers that use environmentally friendly practices.

 How long do your products last?

On average our 2 oz. products last 30-40 days with daily use, and our 4 oz. products last 60 - 70 days with daily use. Our travel kits last 30 days with daily use. Of course this depends on the quantity of product used daily. Our products have an average shelf life of 18 months from the time of manufacture, and they retain a healthy vitality quotient for 8 months once they are opened. We package in glass rather than plastics to prevent the degradation and oxidization of our vital ingredients. The exception are shower products and a few travel products.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, our skincare products are completely safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding as they contain only natural, nontoxic and nourishing ingredients. Some concentrated essential oils you may consider avoiding are penny royal.

Are your products Vegan?

Starflower Essentials products are vegan with the exception of Rose Gold Face Creme, Lavender Gold Face Creme, Royal Rose Enzyme Honey Mask, Day Replenish, Rose Gold Lip Creme, Bright Eyes Creme, Herba Salve, Hot Ice, Royal Vera Toner, Chamomile Rose Nutrient Intensive Moisturizer, SeaFlower SPF 15 Nutrient Intensive Moisturizer, BioDynamic SPF 22 Sun Creme, Coco Vanilla Body Butter. The two main non- vegan ingredients used in these products are royal jelly and beeswax.

Does Starflower Essentials test their products on animals?

Starflower Essentials is strictly opposed to animal testing and we as a company do not test any of our formulas or ingredients on animals. We only work with ingredients which have not been tested on animals. We trust the experts in our in-house Research and Development group to prepare product samples that meet our strict standards for natural content, as well as skin safety and compatibility. We are confident in the safety of our products and ingredients; therefore, we do not find animal testing necessary during development. Of course, if any of our products were applied to an animal in a normal manner, we are confident no harm would come to the animal. We strongly oppose cruel and/or over-application of any product to any animal. 

Why do Starflower Essentials product fragrances vary in strength?

The fragrances in Starflower Essentials skincare treatments are 100% natural blends of organic essential oils and pure whole plant extracts. Like fine vintage wines, each batch of our fragrance blends is as unique as the year’s plant harvests. Our product fragrances may gently evolve over time, and are often their most potent when first applied to the skin. We know it’s the habit of our customers to try skincare treatments on their hands and immediately smell what they’ve tried. It’s important to remind our customers that 100% natural fragrances behave completely differently from their synthetic counterparts. The more immediate strength of our fragrances when product is first applied is an important indication of both the freshness and potency of our whole plant ingredients. We package in glass rather than plastics to prevent the degradation and oxidization of our vital ingredients.


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How do I create an account?

Creating a Starflower Essentials customer account allows you to store billing and shipping information so that you do not have to enter it every time you place an order. Please note that Starflower Essentials does not store credit card information for your security. You can also see keep track of all purchases made while logged into your account. To create an account, simply enter your information here.

 How can I recover/change my password?

 If you cannot remember your password or need to change your password, simply click on the “forgot password” link. You will need to enter the email address associated with your account and click the submit button. After  clicking the submit button, you will be emailed a “reset password” link along with direction on how to recover or change your password.

 How do I update my account information?

 You can update your account information by logging into your customer account here 

 I am getting emails, but I cannot login?

 If you are receiving email notifications from Starflower Essentials, you may not necessarily have a username, yet! Please feel free to create an account using this link.

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Shipping, Returns & Exchanges, International Orders

What Methods of Payment are accepted?

Currently Starflower Essentials accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, America Express, MasterCard, Discover and Pay Pal. Please note that at this time we do not accept pre-paid gift cards, other than Starflower Essentials Gift Cards.

Where can I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a Shipment Confirmation email. This email will contain your tracking number as well as a link to track your package.

Can I cancel my order?

When an order is placed on we begin processing the order immediately, to ensure prompt delivery. You can call us at 941-924-3104 to cancel/ make changes if the order has not yet processed.

My Order shows delivered, where is it?

With the USPS tracking number provided please contact your local Post Office for any further delivery details. If you still have not received your order please contact our Customer Service Department at 941-924-3104 or email for assistance.

What happens if a product is backordered?

Should an item on your order be out-of-stock, we will notify you via email the expected in-stock date. Your remaining order will ship on time and the out-of-stock item will ship when available.

What are your delivery options?

Please see Shipping & Returns

I received damaged products what is your return policy?

If you receive products that were damaged in transit, please contact us right away and we will rectify as quickly as possible. Contact us at  941-924-3104 or email for assistance. Please see Shipping & Returns

Where do I ship returns?

Starflower Essentials
c/o Return Department
411 S. Pineapple Ave.
Sarasota, Florida 34236

I am an international customer. Where can I purchase your products?

Starflower Essentials currently only sell in the U.S and Canada.

Do you accept international Credit Cards?

Not at this time.



Where can I find active promotions?

You can find our current promotions on our  Specials page:

Where do I enter a promo code?

To apply a promotional code to your order, please enter your code into the promotional code window at checkout and click apply.

I forgot to enter a promo code on my recent order, can I apply it now?

Depending on the status of your order, we may be able to retroactively apply a promotional code to your order. Please contact our customer service team for more information:

Are there limits to promo codes?

Only one promotional code per order is allowed.

Does Starflower Essentials offer free samples?

Starflower Essentials ships out 2 free samples with every Purchase Order. You can request samples in our comment section on the shipping check out page. 

  • By phone: Let your Customer Care Advisor know which samples you would like with your order. Call us at  941-924-3104.

  • Please note that Starflower Essentials reserves the right to restrict and/or not fulfill samples requests at its discretion.
    Samples of all products may not always be available.

        * These products include but are not limited to:


             Facial Tonic Oils                     Rose Gold Lip Creme

             Body Oils                                 Herba Salve/ Hot Ice

             Coconut Oil                             Bath Emulsions

             Salt Sole

             Himayalan Salt Scrub

 Starflower Essentials samples are not packaged for resale and, therefore, are not available for purchase. However, many of our bestselling products come in lightweight Travel Sizes that are portable and very convenient for travel. To see our products with Travel Sizes, click here.

Sample Instructions

Our product samples have instructions printed on the back of the sample packet. If you received one that does not, they are located in these places for your reference:

Product page of the website: For detailed information about each product, including usage instructions, go to its product page on our website. You can find products using the navigation bar across the top of the website or the SEARCH field at the top right (please enter the product name.) To see its instructions, click APPLICATION/ USAGE.

Do you offer gift cards?

We currently offer Gift Cards.