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Have you ever noticed that most shampoos and conditioners are clear or white, and yet, there are a lot of ingredients listed on the bottle? It makes you wonder, how could all of those ingredients be in a clear gel? Well, guess what? All of those ingredients go through a lot of synthetization and refining, causing the ingredients to lose their natural color and healthy benefits. These chemicals also strip your hair and scalp of natural oils that would be providing you with a healthy mane, causing over-drying instead. A good analogy is white bread. We all know what they do to get the good wheat wholesomeness out, and the negative effect that white bread has on the body. The philosophy is the same with cosmetic grade shampoos and conditioners.

                At Starflower, our hair collection is full of organic and wholesome substances in their natural state. The high percentage of rich herbs and food grade oils causes our hair products to be brown in color and amazingly nutritious for your hair and scalp!

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The skin around the eyes is the most delicate due to which it shows early signs of aging. It is important to balance the level of moisture by restoring it with a good under eye serum. The eye contour can be particularly susceptible to the appearance of dehydration lines due to the fineness of the skin. The eye area feels dry, can look tired and one of the first signs of aging is puffiness, sagging and wrinkles around the eyes. Using an eye creme, to target these problems can have a profound impact on further signs of aging and keep the skin around the eyes firmer and smoother. The delicate tissue surrounding your eyes requires special support, night and day. The organic plant oils and extracts in Starflower’s Bright Eyes regenerative eye products literally give your eyes a lift.Read More

Starflower Skin Care Mask Collection is 100% organic, natural and free of preservatives. The collection of face masks are packed full of potent ingredients and are infused with vitamins, proteins and micro-nutrients that protect, nourish and rejuvenate the skin; to effortlessly and efficiently banish everyday skin issues including dullness, redness, blemishes, dryness, toxins and wrinkles. Our masks are easy to use at home and consist of a combination for all skin types. They each contain targeted ingredients known for their proven efficacy and skin beautifying benefits.

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Spring is here and its time to shed Dull Winter Skin. That’s where exfoliation comes in; exfoliation helps with cell turnover and creates smoother, healthier looking skin. New cells are constantly being generated within our body and making their way to the surface of our skin. A gentle body polish for our skin which needs to be exfoliated 1-2 times a week to remove dead skin cells and allow newer, softer, more radiant skin to be revealed! Get the Glow...Read More
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Raw Chocolate is the richest antioxidant on the planet and this product has lots of it. We've combined it with raw almond meal for emolliency and freshly milled raw millet flour, the best grain for the skin and highest in organic silica. This makes a fabulous synergy for removing dead skin as it reduces wrinkles and pore size, tones capillary action, reduces surface veins and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft and smooth.


  • Fresh delivery of raw almond and millet pulp/milk to deeply cleanse, tone and nourish the skin.
  • A natural exfoliant and astringent to help refine pores. Natural alternative to hydroxy acids.
  • Raw Cacao is the most powerful antioxidant in the world, is a true super food, high in protein, beneficial oils, vitamins and minerals. Raw Cacao is the most medicinal of all chocolate products, containing the highest levels of immune-enhancing antioxidant polyphenols, procyanidins and other flavonoids known to nourish and protect the skin from free radicals. Helps to eliminate surface veins.



Raw Honey is a very special tonic for the body-inside and out! Whether you want a rose honey mask for collagen renewal or a taste bud extravaganza at tea time. A hydrating, enzyme rich honey mask designed to plump and soften the skin as well as refine skin texture. It's delicious and nutritious with premium ingredients such as raw, organic honey infused with the world's finest European, medicinal grade Bulgarian rose (highest frequency essential oil) and fresh, raw royal jelly (200 ml. per teaspoon).


  • Raw Honey – Natural anti-biotic, promotes healing, anti-scarring, powerful humectant. Contains a full range of natural hydroxy acids. Loaded with balanced proportion of vitamins, minerals, enzymes.
  • Royal Jelly - A nutrient-rich substance made with honey and pollen by young nurse bees. This royal food is what the queen bee consumes and what increases her size, energy, and life span. It contains Vitamins A, B Complex (B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-12), biotin, folic acid, and inositol, as well as minerals such as calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, silicon, sulfur, zinc, and 18 amino acids. It is the richest single source of pantothenic acid. Very importantly, it contains one of the amino acids as collagen, a gelatinous compound that is key to youthful, firm and smooth skin. All of these complex factors present in royal jelly work at the cellular level to enhance the skin’s texture and smoothness, creating a more youthful appearance.
  • Bulgarian Rose Otto - Highest frequency of any essential oil and the most regenerating. Strengthens connective tissue and harmonizes skin function. Organic and food grade.


 Extra virgin, non-hydrogenated coconut oil provides nutritional fuel quickly with fatty acids that have no opportunity to be stored as fat by the body.While carbohydrates provide quick energy, they also require the body to secrete insulin from the pancreas to be broken down before they can be used by cells. As we age, we often become more and more insulin resistant, and the carbohydrates not broken down by insulin are stored as fat. The fatty acids in coconut oil are immediately ready for use by the cell without the opportunity to be stored as fat. This coconut oil is processed within 90 minutes from opening the fresh coconut for optimum potency. Among other benefits, coconut oil also contains a special protein - a prime ingredient in Mother's Milk - that is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic qualities. 


Indulgent Chocolate Mask


You Will Need....

1 tablespoon dry mixture Raw Chocolate Mask 

3/4 tablespoon filtered water

1 teaspon Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

2 teaspoons of Organic Royal Rose Honey



In a small dish mix coconut oil and honey.

Slowly add chocolate powder while stirring well.

Add water until consistency is creamy.

Spread on a clean face evenly.

Let sit for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water, apply Starflower Moisturizer.






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This Herbal Essential Steam blend is the perfect remedy for the long, cold, and wet season ahead. This herbal blend is mixture of organic herbs of calendula, lavender, chamomile, rose, violet leaf, red clover, dandelion leaf, wild lettuce, lemon grass, melissa, licorice root, nettle, dulse, peppermint, caraway seed, anise seed, fennel seed, and organic essential oils.; a synergized blend of the finest organic herbs and flowers designed for all skin types to deeply cleanse, nourish, tone, balance and activate your skins natural functions, all working together to warm and clear the respiratory system.

Steaming with herbs is so much better than with just water because herbs soften surface water tension allowing a better penetration of the herbally infused steam. A good detoxifying mask after the steam will greatly accelerate the process of pushing toxins to the surface. Organic herbal steam penetrates all layers of the skin to purify, decongest, and revitalize. Results are better blood circulation and toning of the pores.



Normal skin: Steam for 10-15 minutes

Dry skin: Steam for 3-5 minutes.

Oily skin: Steam for 10-15 minutes.

Combination skin: Steam for 10-15 minutes.

Congested skin: Steam for 10-15 minutes.

Irritated skin: Steam for 5-10 minutes.

*Steaming is not recommended for extremely sensitive skin, severe inflammation, infection, sunburn, extreme acneic skin, or when many small broken capillaries are visible. Avoid using herbs if you are pregnant.


Step One: Bring to boil 1 qt. of purified water in an enamel or stainless steel pot. Turn off heat and steep 1 heaping tbs. of herbs in a covered pot for several minutes.

Step TwoCleanse skin, and remove make- up.

Step Three: After freshly cleaning your skin, lower your face over the bowl and cover your head with a large towel to prevent steam from escaping, keeping face at a comfortable distance above pot.

Step Four: Relax, close your eyes and deeply breathe in steam for several minutes.

Step Five: Rinse with cool water and pat your face dry. Follow with any of Starflower's Masks . Remove the mask, apply a hydrating serum and moisturizer /  facial oil onto damp skin.


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At Starflower, we truly believe that being beautiful is all about being content and radiating a healthy glow. Face oils are hot right now, and have been used by women for centuries. Face oils are fantastic emollients because they are easily absorbed, and help to repair the function of the skin barrier. Contrary to popular belief, any skin type can benefit from a facial oil- especially in the winter months when the elements take there toll. The truth of the matter is that not all oils are created equal, and its not the oil that is making you break out. Some ingredients in face oils are comedogenic(tends to produce/aggravate acne), but HIGH quality oils are non-comedogenic and actually help to draw out excess sebum from pores. At Starflower, we have some of the finest oils in the green beauty world to suit all your facial needs!




How to apply





HOW TO USE – An intensive, luxurious treatment, Starflower Facial Oils are best applied to slightly damp skin. This will help support cell renewal and repair cycle of your skin. It can be followed with our Creme moisturizers if your skin is particularly thirsty. 

Your skin type and level of hydration will determine how often you should apply Facial Oils.

  • Combination, oily skin: apply 1-2 times per week.
  • Normal skin: apply 2-3 times per week.
  • Dry skin: apply every day



  1. 1. Pump a couple drops of the facial oil into your fingertips.
  2. 2. Rub your fingers together to warm up the product so it soaks into your skin more easily.
  3. 3. Spread the moisturizer all over your face and neck 
  4. 4. Pat the oil all over your face and neck. 
  5. 5. Massage gently into skin using upward motions.



Starflower Essentials



Skindance Face MoisturizerThe naturally high content of essential fatty acid oils soothe and balance your skin and protect it from excessive sun as well as cold. Has a high content of GLA (gamma-linoleic acid)and provides SPF-8 protection. Synergistic essential oils stimulate balance within your skins natural functions, especially the oil-producing glands.


Rose Facial Tonic Oilblends high frequency organic rose essential oil with organic, unrefined jojoba oil to regenerate facial skin like no other. This is truly the creme de la creme of essential oils to smooth fine wrinkle lines, give elasticity to the pores, provide anti-scarring to delicate tissue areas of the face and neck.


Neroli Facial Tonic OilThis is the finest neroli oil in the world; blended with organic, unrefined jojoba oil and gets it's name from an Italian princess of Neroli where she had many orange orchards. It takes thousands of orange blossoms to make a single ounce of neroli essential oil.

Jasmine Facial Tonic Oil blends high frequency natural jasmine absolute with organic, unrefined jojoba oil to rejuvenate, smoothe fine wrinkle lines, give elasticity to the pores, for all skin types, especially dry, greasy, irritated, sensitive. Emotionally, jasmine is known to produce a feeling of optimism, confidence and even euphoria. 

Organic Moringa OilStarflower Moringa Oil is infused with Moringa leaf for more nutrient rich content and chlorophyll. High Vitamin A content is alternative to Retin-A and will naturally restore resiliency to the skin while promoting cellular health and elasticity. High oleic acid content better penetrates skin cells and carries all of Moringa’s rich nutrients.



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The essential oil of peppermint has been used for centuries for digestive problems, sinus and respiration and more. It's most often used to support the digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems, as well as muscular and joint health.


What is a Therapeutic-grade Essential Oil?

Essential oils of a therapeutic-grade quality are carefully distilled from the plants to maintain their beneficial components.The oils come from their own pure source—one plant species of each type. To maintain the chemical components, fragrance, and benefits the plants must be distilled with proper methods to conserve its therapeutic value. It is absolutely essential to use therapeutic grade essential oil. Please note essential oils are powerful and concentrated. 


Medicinal Properties

  • Antiviral
  • AntiInflammatory
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Pain Relieving
  • Curbs Appetite
  • Asthma
  • Congestion
  • Cold Sores
  • Headache
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Chronic Fatigue




Peppermint Salt Scrub

1 Jar of Crystal Body Bath Scrub

15 - 25 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil


" LIVING " Organic Extra- Virgin Coconut Oil

The best way to receive all the wonders of the coconut with all of its miraculous ingredients is to take it right from the tree and eat it immediately. Starflower Essentials has decided to be of service by distributing a coconut oil whose processing has maintained the highest level of micronutrients and life force energy as possible. 

Starflower's Extra virgin, non-hydrogenated Coconut Oil provides nutritional fuel quickly with fatty acids that have no opportunity to be stored as fat by the body.While carbohydrates provide quick energy, they also require the body to secrete insulin from the pancreas to be broken down before they can be used by cells. As we age, we often become more and more insulin resistant, and the carbohydrates not broken down by insulin are stored as fat. The fatty acids in coconut oil are immediately ready for use by the cell without the opportunity to be stored as fat. This coconut oil is processed within 90 minutes from opening the fresh coconut for optimum potency. Among other benefits, coconut oil also contains a special protein - a prime ingredient in Mother's Milk - that is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic qualities. Fine organic coconut oil can be added by the tablespoon to beverages, or used as a replacement for other traditional cooking oils.


coconut oil health benefits


In the past, coconut oil was found to raise blood cholesterol and cause heart disease. However, these conclusions were drawn based on studies of coconut oil that had been hydrogenated. Hydrogenation creates “trans fatty acids” which are toxic entities that enter the cell membranes and block the utilization of “good” fatty acid and impede cell functionality. Trans fatty acids also cause a rise in blood cholesterol. These substances are not present in coconut oil that has been processed with integrity.

Another reason people believed coconut oil must be bad for you is due to the misguided notion that all saturated fats are harmful. Our leading scientists now recognize that, just as there is good cholesterol, there are also good saturated fats. Fats are classified as short-, medium-, or long-chain fats based on the number of carbon molecules they contain. When we ingest long- chain fatty acids, they must be emulsified by bile salts in the small intestine before they can be absorbed into our body.

Weight loss Help
Nearly 2/3 of the saturated fat in coconut oil consists of medium-chain fatty acids. Short and medium chain fatty acids, such as those in coconut milk, are easily absorbed into our body. Most of the saturated fat in coconut oil is easily digestible and converted into quick energy. These types of fatty acids are less likely to cause obesity because they are immediately used as fuel by the body and have no opportunity to be stored.

Increased Energy
When the body uses carbohydrates, insulin produced by the pancreas is required for the glucose molecules to enter into the cell. Many people develop a resistance to insulin as they age, and it becomes increasingly more difficult for the body to get these molecules into the cells. Any extra glucose, which is not used by the body for energy, is turned into triglycerides. You can have high triglycerides in your blood with consuming an ounce of fat. Even strict vegetarians can have high triglyceride levels from just eating a high carb diet. Triglycerides and lipoproteins, in the same manner as glucose, travel across cell membrane to be used as energy. They too require carrier enzymes in order to permeate both membranes of the cell’s mitochondria, where their energy is released.


Coconut Oil Pulling



What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that cures a wide variety of ailments. Basically, you hold some oil in your mouth for twenty minutes, swishing it all around and between your teeth.

How does oil pulling work?

Oil pulling infuses your body with essential fatty acids (EFAs) sublingually (under your tongue). These EFAs enter the bloodstream, bypassing the gastric juices in your stomach. It is a fast and effective way to get some of the components of healthy oils (omega-3 and omega-9 acids, for example) straight into your blood. This explains why many skin conditions clear up with oil pulling.

The oil dissolves plaque and even tartar. Your teeth look so white after you start oil pulling. (Much whiter than with toothpaste and conventional cleaning).

Bacteria in the mouth are attracted into the oil. Normally bacteria continually grow in your mouth, and you continually swallow them. Some of these bacteria are beneficial, and you need them for good health. But many ailments occur when harmful bacteria proliferate and get out of control. If harmful bacteria proliferate in the mouth, they can provide a source of infection for organs all around the body. For example, there is research showing that heart attacks can occur after a dental procedure like a root canal provides an ongoing source of harmful bacteria. When you practice oil pulling, it provides a control over the bad bacteria and their ability to produce an infection. You are no longer continually swallowing them.

Mucus is soluble in the oil.

Oil pulling is very gentle. If you need to increase its antibiotic potency for a short period, add one drop of oregano oil to the tablespoon of the other oil. Oregano oil is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. However, it makes the procedure potent. If you add oregano oil, you may not feel well as your healing and detox go into overdrive. I suggest you do not do this for more than one week in every couple of months.

Oil pulling instructions

When you get up in the morning, do this very first thing, before brushing your teeth (if you brush in the morning), eating or drinking anything. First, spit out anything in your mouth. Then take 1 tablespoon of cocnut oil and hold it in your mouth, tilt your chin up and slowly swish it around, pulling it through your teeth. Lifting your head up gets the oil to your back molars. Get it all round your mouth and tongue. Do this for at least 10 minutes but preferably 20 minutes. The oil should be a thin white foam when you finally spit it out. If it is still clear or yellow, you haven't done it long enough. After spitting it out, rinse your mouth well. Complete the procedure by rinsing the mouth with warm salt water. ( Just use normal table salt). Salt water rinsing isn’t absolutely necessary, but is very helpful as an antimicrobial and to soothe any inflammation and proven to be effective in rinsing out any toxins which may be left out in the mouth.<p>

Please understand that this process works better in the morning. Don't try to do this any time of the day. If for some reason it is absolutely not possible for you to pratice this method in the morning, you can do this on an empty stomach at any time of the day. Empty stomach means the food is digested completely. Ideally after three or four hours of you taking any food. 


Shop our Coconut Oil


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OxyGel is a reparative overnight leave-on mask that rejuvenates and revitalizes deep into the layers of the skin infusing fresh oxygen for cellular repair. OxyGel delivers fresh, easily absorbed nutrients in ionic form while boosting bioavailability of others nutrients. OxyGel is light and water based and will not inhibit the skins natural respiration process at night; leaving the skin lifted and firmer by morning. Starflower’s proprietary ionic formula contains dissolved oxygen, aloe vera, ionic minerals, enzymes and amino acids and delivers these elements to your skin’s cells. This will help repair the skin at night, giving it a metabolic boost to improve skin elasticity and tone.

• Oxygenates deeply into skins layers

• Increases detoxification at night

• Tightens and reduces pore size

• Unscented

Excellent for:

• All Skin Types

• Post laser skin resurfacing

• Skin Problems

• Viral/Bacterial

• Post micro-dermabrasion, micro-needling

• Post chemical peel

OxyGel Overnight Mask - Reparative.

Oct 28, 2015 1:18:55 PM By Starflower Essentails Oxygel, aloe vera, mask, overnight, leave-on mask, gel, Product Feature,
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